Netanel Arami’s mother: “The cover-up won’t work. People aren’t stupid.”

Tuesday, September 30, 2014, 18:35 At a press conference Netanel Arami’s family leveled criticism at the authorities for their conduct during the investigation of his death and called on the police to locate the murderers.
Approximately two weeks ago, on September 16, while at work rappelling on the side of building at a Petah Tikva construction site Netanel Arami fell 11 stories to his death. The incident is suspected to have been a murder. Both Arami’s main cable and his back-up cable were cut; and one or more of the Arab workers on the site are suspected of cutting them as Arami worked. On Tuesday, September 30 Arami’s family held a press conference after the gag order on the case was partially lifted.
Arami’s family, together with attorney Hur Nizri, who is representing them on behalf of Honenu, are demanding that the authorities recognize them as victims of a terror attack and bring the murderers to justice. Additionally, the family and Nizri raised claims against the conduct of the authorities who are not assisting the family.
“Since the murder and until now, none of the social service authorities or any other governmental authorities have made any contact with the family, even though Netanel [according to the suspicion] was murdered in a nationalistically motivated attack,” said Honenu attorney Hur Nizri at the press conference. “The family has been abandoned and is not being assisted by the authorities, even though they have to bear the pain and difficulty of losing a family member in such circumstances. There is a feeling that the system is not working, but the family is strong and steadfast. Despite the pain and the hardship, they plan to continue managing the campaign until the truth comes to light. A wife has been left a widow, pregnant with two small children. We call on the police to make every effort until the investigation reveals the truth.”
Uziel Arami, Netanel’s father said, “The loss and sacrifice of Netanel are those of all of Israel. Every day, they [terrorists] attack the most vulnerable among us. Sometimes they use a truck; and sometimes they use a tractor. They disparage us, and they also injure children. We do not want more victims. Therefore, we have come here to raise a cry in protest. We must unite as one man with one heart. I request your assistance only so that the truth will come to light and so that no-one will cover-up anything. Because of this we do not sleep at night.”
Moriya, Netanel’s widow: “My husband went to work in the morning and did not return. Netanel was a loving and caring father. He did not have enemies and he was dedicated to the children, a dad with all his heart. Now my son asks, ‘Mommy, where’s Daddy?’ What does one say to a two-year-old boy? Dad is watching over us from Heaven.”
Miriam, Netanel’s mother: “Netanel was murdered because he was Jewish. From here, I call on all governmental authorities and agencies to put a end to this slaughter. No-one knows who will be next. It cannot be that a man goes to work and does not return. Netanel was a professional who learned his trade and acquired certifications. From the start, we knew it was a murder. We want the murderers to be apprehended and brought to justice. Then, the government will come to the conclusion that they must deal with the terrorists who are carrying out attacks on a small scale – another one, and another one, and another one, and no-one does anything. I implore you to act so that the murderers will be apprehended and given a penalty that will deter them [from committing future crimes] so that Netanel will be the last victim. If the penalty is not a deterrent then [the terror] will continue and we will hear of more terror attacks.”
Arami’s mother also mentioned the cover-up of the the incident by the authorities. “The cover-up won’t work at all. People aren’t stupid. In the end all the truth will come to light. The conduct [of the authorities] – informing a widow holding an infant by summoning her to the police station as if she was a criminal. And no social service office has provided assistance to the family, not even the children. At this opportunity I would like to thank everyone who came to us during the shiva and showed support. We receive support from the people, but not from any governmental ministry or agency. I hope that due to the merits of the kindnesses shown to us that G-d will have mercy on us and Netanel will be the last victim.” She thanked Knesset Member Moshe Feiglin for assisting the family and also thanked Honenu for its assistance with legal counsel.
Netanel’s brother related how much Netanel had been liked by those who knew him. “He was a man whose house was open every evening to everyone and there were always people coming to him. Everyone who needed something immediately received it. He endeared himself to people and helped people all the time.”
Knesset Member Moshe Feiglin stressed that this is not the first incident in which the police and other authorities have attempted to cover-up the murder of a Jew by Arabs. “We saw not long ago the murder of Shelly Dadon hy”d [which was originally not classified as nationalistically motivated], and the murder of Rabbi Talbi, hy”d, who was found dead at the entrance to the Jewish community of Revava. The police claimed that Rabbi Talbi’s death was suicide and only after a persistent campaign by his family did the police classify his cause of death as a terror attack. We see that in every incident in which it was possible to look the other way and bury one’s head in the sand, the police and other authorities preferred the easy and convenient option. Perhaps they do not want protests and fear the ramifications of the matter.”
Feiglin also mentioned the abandonment of the family. “The family was supposed to receive the same support that the family of the heroes who were killed fighting in Operation Protective Edge received. He was murdered because he was a Jew, part of the Nation of Israel.”
On Wednesday, October 1, a demonstration is scheduled to take place in the city of Bat Yam. The demonstration will start at the family’s home and the participants will march to the local police station. Netanel’s family will participate in the demand for action and call on the public to come and protest and declare that “Jewish blood is not cheap.”

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