Demonstration scheduled to protest handling of Arami death investigation

Wednesday, October 1, 2014, 10:50 A demonstration protesting the conduct of the authorities handling the investigation of Netanel Arami’s death is scheduled to take place in Bat Yam on Wednesday, October 1, starting at 18:00. Arami’s family will participate. “We will protest the attempt to cover-up his murder and turn Netanel into a criminal or a negligent worker,” say the organizers of the demonstration.
Approximately two weeks ago, on September 16, while at work rappelling on the side of building at a Petah Tikva construction site Netanel Arami fell 11 stories to his death. The incident is suspected to be a murder. Both Arami’s main cable and his back-up cable were cut; and one or more of the Arab workers on the site are suspected of cutting them as Arami worked. On Tuesday, September 30 Arami’s family held a press conference after the gag order on the case was partially lifted and the family is continuing their campaign to reveal the entire truth about the suspicious circumstances of his death.
On Wednesday, October 1 a demonstration is scheduled to take place in Bat Yam with the participation of the family in a demand to locate the murderers and to recognize the family as victims of a terror attack. The demonstration will leave from the family’s home in Bat Yam and the participants will march to the Bat Yam Police Station.
“We will protest the callous and degrading treatment of the murdered man’s family by the police and we will protest the attempt to cover-up the murder and turn Netanel into a criminal or a negligent worker,” said Yehuda, one of the social activists organizing the demonstration. “We expected the Israeli Police to protect the victims of the terror attack, however we feel that instead of assisting and aiding the family they are treating them as if they were criminals.”
Many Bat Yam residents and also supporters from throughout Israel, along with Knesset Members and other public figures, are expected to participate in the demonstration under the banner of “Netanel’s blood is our blood.” The family also opened a page on Facebook with the same name on which they are posting updates of the public campaign.
The organizers of the demonstration note that, “Unfortunately the Israeli Police have a history of attempting to conceal terror attacks. In the case of Rabbi Talbi hy”d, the police originally claimed that his murder was a suicide. In the case of Asher Palmer and his infant son Yonatan, hy”d, the police claimed that the terror attack was a traffic accident. In the case of Shelly Dadon, hy”d, her murder was recognized as a nationalistically motivated attack only after a successful campaign was organized by her family.”

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