“Our son was murdered. The State must not remain silent.”

Wednesday, October 1, 2014, 20:29 On September 16, while at work rappelling on the side of building at a Petah Tikva construction site, Netanel Arami fell 11 stories to his death. The incident is suspected to have been a murder. Both Arami’s main cable and his back-up cable were cut; and one or more of the Arab workers on the site are suspected of cutting them as Arami worked.
On Tuesday, September 30 Arami’s family held a press conference after the gag order on

Demonstration in Bat Yam

Demonstration in Bat Yam

the case was partially lifted and on Wednesday, October 1 more than 500 demonstrators marched in Bat Yam to protest the conduct of the authorities following Arami’s death. With the family leading they marched from the Aramis’ home on Yospetel Avenue, which was closed to traffic during the demonstration, to the Bat Yam Police Station. The demonstrators demanded that the police carry out a thorough investigation of the incident and apprehend the murderers.
“We came here to protest and to cry out that Jewish blood is not cheap. Our son, the father of children, was murdered. The State must not remain silent,” said Miriam, Netanel’s mother. Additionally there were shouts of “Stop the cover-ups!” “Jewish blood is not cheap!” and “Netanel’s blood is our blood!” at the demonstration. The participants included public figures, among them Dr. Michael Ben-Ari and families of terror attack victims.
Also on October 1 the news media publicized that a dramatic development had begun in the case. However, Arami’s family are furious that since his death, a suspected murder, they have not been updated by the police on the details of the investigation.
Honenu attorney Hur Nizri, who is providing the family with legal counsel says, “The family has been abandoned and is not being assisted by the authorities, even though they have to bear the pain and difficulty of losing a family member under such circumstances. There is a feeling that the system is not working. But the family is strong and steadfast. Despite the pain and the hardship, they plan to continue managing the campaign until the truth comes to light.”

For more information on the incident please see here.

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