Minor released to house arrest

Friday, July 15, 2016, 11:32 On the morning of Friday, July 15 the Natzrat Magistrate Court released one of the minors detained on suspicion of involvement with vehicular arson in Kfar Yafia to several days of house arrest. He is also forbidden to enter Migdal HaEmek, the town near Kfar Yafia in which the minors were detained.
The suspected motive for the arson is a reaction to the recent terror attack in the Sarona Complex in Tel Aviv in which four Jews were murdered and others injured. Attorneys Lior Bar-Zohar and Ran Shaham are representing the minors on behalf of Honenu.
The released minor and two other minors were detained on Monday and Sunday of this week and taken to an ISA facility for interrogation. All three minors were not allowed to meet with an attorney until Wednesday, at which time they met with Attorney Lior Bar-Zohar. They told Bar-Zohar that they had been intensively interrogated and that their rights had been violated.
On Thursday the police and the ISA partially lifted the gag order placed on the case and allowed publication that the two minors detained in the case on Sunday have admitted to carrying out the vehicular arson.
Attorney Bar-Zohar: “The intensive, heavy-handed interrogation combined with the prohibition on meeting with an attorney, and the fact that the detainees are normative minors who have never before been detained casts a grave doubt on the admissions which the police attribute to them. We expect the court to carefully examine the admissibility of the admissions and whether or not they correspond with reliable evidence or if they were obtained through manipulations and threats by the ISA interrogators and the police.”

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