Minors transferred to detention center

Sunday, July 17, 2016, 15:20 The police filed a plaintiff’s affidavit in the case of two minors suspected of setting Arab cars on fire in Kfar Yafia as a reaction to the terror attack in the Sarona Complex in Tel Aviv in which four Jews were killed and others injured. The police also demanded that their remand be extended by five days. The Natzrat Magistrate Court ordered the minors transfered from the ISA facility in which they had been held to a regular detention center and extended their remand by two days, until Tuesday, July 19. Their parents are allowed to visit them at the detention center in accordance with the Youth Law.
The two minors were detained on Sunday, July 10 and taken to an ISA facility for interrogation. A third minor was detained on Monday, July 11. All three minors were interrogated under severe conditions and not allowed to meet with an attorney until Wednesday, July 13 at which time they met with Attorney Lior Bar-Zohar, who is representing them on behalf of Honenu. They told Bar-Zohar that they had been intensively interrogated and that their rights had been violated. The third minor was released on Friday, July 15 to several days of house arrest and forbidden to enter Migdal HaEmek, the town near Kfar Yafia in which the minors were detained.
Attorney Ran Shaham, who is also representing the minors on behalf of Honenu, said that, “The interrogation of the two minors has been completed and a plaintiff’s affidavit has been filed, after a week during which the minors were detained under harsh conditions and basic rights granted to them by the Youth Law as interrogated minors were violated. Now we are working towards determining the extent of the violation of their rights and bringing about their release from remand.”

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