Netiv HaAvot protests and detentions

Tuesday, June 12, 2018
9:34 As of 9:34 in the morning on Tuesday, June 12, Honenu’s legal headquarters had received reports of three protesters detained at the Netiv HaAvot neighborhood being destroyed in Gush Etzion. The detainees, some of whom are minors, were detained during clashes with policemen while protesting the destruction. A Honenu Attorney assisted the detainees.
13:41 In the early afternoon, an additional youth was detained at Netiv HaAvot. All of the morning’s detainees were released.
15:26 At least four protesters, two of them minors, were detained on suspicion of blocking traffic at the entrance to Jerusalem
21:12 Additional protesters were detained demonstrating against the destruction of Netiv HaAvot, two at the Kiriyat Arba Junction, two at the Har Bracha Junction, and one at the Yitzhar Junction. Two youths were detained in a clash with police at Netiv HaAvot.
Honenu Attorneys provided legal assistance to all of the detainees.

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