Sexually harassed minor released home after 12-day remand

Sunday, June 10, 2018, 13:40 On Sunday, June 10, a minor who had been detained on May 29 on suspicion of damaging Arab property was released to his home. From the moment of his detention contact with him was broken and he was forbidden to speak with an attorney for almost ten days. Also the minor complained of sexual harassment and the GSS all imposed a gag order on the details of the case.
Honenu Attorney Adi Keidar, who is representing the minor, stated that, “It seemed like this time the police and the GSS were trying to be increasingly stringent and to prohibit meetings with an attorney also for detainees accused of property violations. They have succeeded several times.
“This is a badge of shame for the legal system and the Attorney General’s office. We are pleased that the truth is coming to light, but also saddened by it. I hope that there will be no repeat occurrences such as this. I hope very much that the public will understand, especially in light of the publicized actions of GSS agents, how dangerous their actions are. People are being arrested through no fault of their own. The public should know and be careful.”
During a deliberation on June 4 at the Rishon LeTzion Magistrate Court, the minor told Judge Guy Avnon that during a GSS interrogation he had been sexually harassed by an interrogator named ‘Bruno’. Judge Avnon immediately informed Honenu Attorney Adi Keidar, who represented the minor, and in his decision ordered an examination into the minor’s complaint. Keidar filed a complaint with the “Mivtan”, the department authorized to investigate criminal offenses carried out by GSS interrogators.
“This was a despicable act which must be investigated immediately,” wrote Keidar. “The interrogator’s actions constitute the crime of indecent assault of a minor, while the minor was interrogated and apparently tied to a chair, which increases the severity of the act. Additionally the acts are considered sexual harassment.”
On the previous day, June 3, Dr. Yelena Rodman, the house doctor of the Petah Tikva detention center in which the minor was interrogated by the GSS, informed Honenu Attorney Menasheh Yado, who also represented the minor, that in the morning the minor had not felt well, required medical treatment and had received Valerian, a sedative, in pill form. In light of the minor’s medical condition and the fact that he was administered medication without his parents’ consent, as is required by law, Honenu Attorney Menashe Yado demanded that the interrogation be stopped.
The minor’s mother leveled strong criticism at the conduct of the GSS in the case, “The State must take action. This is shocking. It is impossible to believe that such a thing has happened. It is beyond understanding. I hope that they haven’t injured him. I am worried and I am really afraid. Even criminals aren’t treated like this. They deprived him of all of his rights. I do not understand how such a thing could have happened. I want them to treat him decently, as every citizen deserves to be treated.”

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