No detentions two weeks after rock terror attack

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Monday, June 6, 2022, 15:34 Although approximately two weeks have passed since Yedidya Struk and his children were injured in a potentially fatal rock-throwing attack in the Shomron, it is not known if any suspects have been detained. The incident occurred when Struk and his children were returning home. When the family passed through Hawara, an Arab town through which Jews drive as a matter of course to and from Jewish communities in Gav HaHar, terrorists threw a barrage of rocks at their car.

Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher sent a letter to Shomron Brigade Commander and to the Yehuda and Shomron District Police Commander demanding that they apprehend the terrorists and bring them to trial quickly.

In his letter, summarized below, Bleicher described the attack:

My client was driving home through Hawara. Soon after he passed the large circle in the town, he noticed terrorists holding rocks standing several meters from him. The terrorists hurled the rocks at him, directly hitting his car. As a result, my client lost control of the car, swerved into the opposite lane, and hit the road divider on the left side of the car. The front windshield was completely shattered, and large pieces of broken glass penetrated the car, injuring the passengers. The body of the car was badly crushed from the collision, and the passengers suffered severe bruises all over their bodies.

A large piece of glass hit the two-year-old infant’s forehead, causing a deep cut. The daughter sitting behind the driver’s seat suffered an injury to her forehead but was protected from the broken glass. My client, the driver, was moderately injured. The broken glass hit his head, causing a deep cut, his jaw was broken, and bleeding penetrated his eye. Miraculously, a more dangerous scenario was avoided: There was not a car or a truck in the opposite lane, and there were no fatalities. My client and his children were rushed by ambulance to Tel HaShomer Hospital. The infant required stitches across his entire forehead. The father had sharp pains and was treated with strong analgesics. He also required stitches in his head, and he is still waiting for his broken jaw, which may need surgery, to be treated. Photographs of the injured family shared online raised a large social media storm.

This was an extremely serious and shocking attempted murder. Unfortunately, experience has proven that rocks can kill. It is enough to recall the horrific attacks in which Yonatan Palmer, Hy”d, and Adele Biton, Hy”d, who was not quite three years old at the time, were murdered. The incident at hand was only a step away from a tragic end, G-d forbid. During the hour that preceded it, there were other rock-throwing incidents on the same road that were reported to the police and the army. In general, the local Arabs frequently carry out rock-throwing attacks.

As of now, my client has not been informed that any suspects have been detained. Investigation of an attack such as this must be thorough and comprehensive, including intelligence operations, special means, and GSS investigations. The personal providence that my client merited must not detract from the urgent need to apprehend the terrorists and eradicate terror. I demand that you use all means possible and do what is necessary to penalize the terrorists who tried to murder a family. I demand that the suspects be detained, interrogated, and the terrorists charged with attempted murder,” concluded Bleicher.

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