Parents of minor in Kfar Duma case level harsh criticism

Friday, June 1, 2018, 11:14 An article describing the torture which the defendants in the Kfar Duma case underwent has been published in this weekend’s edition of the Hebrew weekly “Olam Katan”.
The article quotes the Attorney General’s office, which claims that there has been no torture carried out in the case, and several of the Honenu Attorneys handling the case.
The parents of a minor who was tortured and is accused of conspiring to commit a crime in the Kfar Duma case leveled harsh criticism at the claim: “The Attorney General’s office is shamelessly lying. There is no limit to their arrogance. The Attorney General’s office is taking advantage of immunity in the case in order to deceive the public.
“The day will come when the minutes [of the trial] will be revealed. The public will be exposed to how GSS interrogators stood calmly in court and described in detail how they tortured our son. Then the Attorney General’s office will brought to justice.” (See here for relevant developments in the case.)
“The GSS detained a healthy, happy youth and murdered him. Our son suffers from trauma and medical problems.
“We call on the Attorney General’s office to remove their demand for immunity in the case so that the public will be exposed to the complete picture. A normal state must not conduct itself in dark secrecy.” The parents added that they are sure that once the truth comes to light, the matter will become clear.

Response by AG's office in "Olam Katan"

Response by AG’s office in “Olam Katan”

Translation by Honenu of the response to the article by the Attorney General’s office:
“Contrary to what has been claimed in the article, the standpoint of the State was and remains that no torture was carried out in the framework of the interrogations. Throughout the legal proceedings the State has remained consistent in its claims and is of the opinion that there is a great amount of evidence in the case, including confessions given by the defendants themselves, and there is no legal impediment to relying on them and no grounds to reject them.”

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