Plaintiff’s affidavit filed in case of Rechalim minor

Tuesday, January 15, 2019, 16:53 Honenu Attorney Adi Keidar responded to the plaintiff’s affidavit filed in the case of the fifth and last minor from Rechalim detained by the GSS: “A plaintiff’s affidavit has been filed. We asked a number of questions during the deliberation and we are convinced that whoever signed the plaintiff’s affidavit, who will also sign the indictment, if one is filed, did so with a shaking hand. Through my acquaintance with the legal system I believe that his hand shook. I suggest and hope that the hand of whoever writes the indictment that will be filed, and wants to write it, continue to shake. Because to our understanding, the only evidence which links our client to the incident is problematic, and it is doubtful that such an indictment should be filed under these circumstances.
“I hope very much that no external considerations are affecting the legal system in such a serious case. And I hope that whoever must reach the correct decisions, reaches them by Sunday.”
Keidar added, “I think that after the past months, during which the Attorney General’s office and the GSS have received very severe criticism in the form of invalidated confessions and presentation in the media of various questionable methods of the GSS, a concern remains that there is a want to prove ‘We solved it again!’, when the forensic evidence is so weak that after a month they have not figured out what it is. It is not certain that this is the place to declare and shout, ‘We solved it!” I suggest again that whoever needs to consider all of the angles, think twice whether or not he is certain that this is the right thing to do in this case.”
Honenu Attorney Amir Bracha added, “The plaintiff’s affidavit does not specify the crime that has been specified until now in the requests for remand extension. Therefore we understand, as my colleague Adi Keidar has stated, that the trigger finger is not quick to pull. And I hope and believe that the Attorney General’s office will do its job reliably and that in the end the indictment will be even weaker than the demands for remand that have been filed until now.”

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