Police cancel appeal, detainee in Yokneam “Price Tag” case released

Wednesday, May 21, 2014, 15:07 On Tuesday, May 20 police investigators requested an 8-day remand extension on the 25 year old Yokneam resident detained on suspicion of involvement with a recent series of “Price Tag” incidents in the city. However Natzrat Magistrate Court Judge Lili Jung-Goffer accepted Honenu attorney Ran Shacham’s plea and ordered the release of the detainee to house arrest. The police requested a delay in carrying out the decision, which the court granted, and appealed to the district court to extend his remand.
The Yokneam resident was brought to the Natzrat District Court on Wednesday, May 21. After an informal deliberation, during which District Court Judge Danny Sarfati made it clear that he would not accept the appeal filed by the police, the police investigators changed their minds, canceled their appeal and the detainee was released to one week of house arrest.
“The district court examined the evidence, reasoned that the magistrate court’s decision was justified and that the evidence did not justify extending the remand,” said Honenu attorney Ran Shacham after the deliberation. “Thus the judge accepted our position and advised the police to cancel their appeal.”
“The events in Yokneam created a media uproar liable to influence the judgment of various authorities,” said Honenu attorney Shacham in response to the release of the detainee. “It appears that even though the police did not have sufficient evidence, they were quick to request a remand extension on a suspect who is a normative individual without any prior indictments. We are pleased that the district court accepted our position and the detainee was released.”

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