Police detained Jewish resident of Beit Tsafafa

Monday, August 1 13:54 A week and half ago an altercation developed between a Jewish youth residing in the Beit Tsafafa neighborhood of Jerusalem and his Bedouin neighbors.
The youth connected a water hose to his apartment, which annoyed the Bedouins who had taken over the empty lot next to his house. Between the two sides an altercation developed and policemen arrived on the scene. After calm was restored the police left.
Afterwards the Jew and one of the Bedouins filed reciprocal complaints at the police station.
Yesterday the youth was summoned for interrogation and in the end was detained on suspicion of attacking one of the Bedouins. Simultaneously the Bedouin was also detained and they both spent the night in remand.
Today the youth was released on condition of not making contact with his Bedouin neighbor. Honenu attorney Adi Kedar handled the incident.

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