Police Invade Chavat Gilad

Mon. Feb. 28
Around 4:30am before dawn, hundreds of police dressed in black and stormed into Chavat Gilad armed with sticks, pneumatic guns and weapons equipped with plastic bullets. Using force they demolished three houses.

Eight were arrested including several young men who were still asleep in their beds when the police came to get them.

Five of them were released at the police station and three more were brought to the Petah Tikva Magistrate’s Court. Attorney Adi Keidar, of Honenu represented them.
A youth was arrested at the junction accused of throwing stones at Arab vehicles. And
three students, waiting for a ride outside of Maon were questioned about “disturbances. The police refuse to reveal what they are charged with.
Attorney Adi Kedar, of Honenu, represented them. The three were released unconditionally.

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