Police setup in Bat Ayin

Undercover policeman in “Bezeq” van; Photo credit: Tzeirei Bat Ayin

Sunday, April 25, 2021, 12:26 Last week, an undercover policeman disguised as an Arab Bezeq (Israeli phone company) worker entered the Gush Etzion community of Bat Ayin in order to incite residents to a reaction which would result in detentions of residents and right-wing activists. Alert residents noticed a police drone circling the sky over Bat Ayin and exposed the presence of the policeman.
Residents related that the undercover policeman shouted at them and antagonized them, but no one made any contact with him. They understood that it was a police setup and left the scene. Afterwards the policeman also left.
In photographs documenting the incident, the undercover policeman is seen sitting in a van with a “Bezeq” sticker. Next to Bat Ayin’s educational institutions several uniformed policemen are seen as a black police drone is circling overhead.

Uniformed policemen in Bat Ayin; Photo credit: Tzeirei Bat Ayin

Honenu Attorney Moshe Poleski: “We have witnessed another police operation initiated for the purpose of carrying out detentions – in effect, police provocation. The Israeli Police sent undercover policemen disguised as Bezeq workers to Bat Ayin, to antagonize the residents and cause an incident, a disturbance, something that would end with detained Jews.
“Enough. There are no grounds for these provocations. It is very saddening, even outrageous, that the Israeli Police has time for such actions, instead of devoting their resources, including undercover agents, to apprehend Arab terrorists and assailants, especially when terror and violence are resurging.”
Similar incidents occurred in Bat Ayin in December 2019 and August 2017. Honenu would also like to call to our readers’ attention that the courts and the public have in the past severely criticized the use of soldiers disguised as Arabs in order to provoke reactions from Jews. The Yehuda and Shomron Police have staged such incidents in Havat Gilad, Susiya, Havat Har Sinai, Givat Ronen, Kochav HaShahar, Adei Ad, Geulat Tzion, and elsewhere in the Shilo Bloc region.

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