Pregnant Yitzhar resident released from detention

Wednesday, May 7, 17:51 A Yitzhar resident in her eighth month of pregnancy was detained at dawn on Wednesday, May 7 on suspicion of incitement to murder soldiers.
The police requested a remand extension of five days, however Jerusalem Magistrate Court Judge Ohad Gordon did not accede to the request and released the detainee to house arrest.
Judge Gordon noted that, “The violation being investigated touches on freedom of expression and particular caution from the court is necessary here.”
Honenu attorney Adi Kedar, who is representing the Yitzhar resident, stated that, “The court rejected the police request to extend the detainee’s remand and accepted our claims concerning the caution required in cases touching on freedom of expression. And when there is only a suspicion, there is no need to violate the suspect’s freedom, all the more so when she has no criminal record and is in a late stage of pregnancy.”

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