Protester detained in Jerusalem

Tuesday, February 14, 2017, 15:11 A Jerusalem resident in his 30’s was detained on Monday, February 13, while protesting against Finance Minister Moshe Kachlon when he arrived in Jerusalem to participate in a conference. The protester holds ֵMinister Kachlon responsible for the destruction of Amona because of his support of the High Court Justices.
The protester stated that after he called out slogans against the minister, who was not present, policemen arrived at the site. Despite a statement from the minister’s bodyguards that no violation of the law had been carried out, the policemen detained him by order of an officer, because of a flier in his possession. The flier called for participation in a legal nonviolent (this was specifically stated) protest against Minister Kachlon.
The protester was taken to the Lev HaBira Police Station and interrogated on suspicion of disturbing public order. After the interrogation he was unconditionally released. Honenu Attorney Rehavia Piltz assisted the protester and worked towards his release.
See here for a partial listing of cases Honenu is handling involving Amona detainees.

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