Purim: Police illegally entered home of minor under house arrest

Thursday, March 24, 2022, 10:52 On the Purim holiday (March 17), policemen from the Yaffo Police Station entered the home of relatives of a minor who is under house arrest, without a permit or a warrant. Despite requests from the head of the household, the policemen refused to leave.

The policemen arrived at the house in the framework of monitoring the house arrest of the minor. Even after they admitted that they did not have a search warrant or a warrant authorizing their entry to the house, they refused to check the minor outside of the house, as is specified by law. In a video clip of the incident (see below), the policemen “explain” that they entered through an open door, and the family counters that they are trespassing, because they do not have a search or an entry warrant.

The family told Honenu that this is not the first time that policemen have trampled their rights by entering their house without a warrant. The police check the house four or five times a day, greatly inconveniencing the family, and also causing traumatic and embarrassing incidents. The family is religious, and one of the times that the policemen entered the house without warning, they saw one of the girls wearing clothes that she does not wear outside of the house, thereby violating her way of life.

In the coming days, Honenu Attorney Menashe Yado, who is representing the family, is expected to file a suit against the police for violating their rights. Yado stated that, “The battle for the Jewish character of the State of Israel and for the democratic character of the government is one and the same. The law enforcement authorities are trampling the rights of the public, who are fighting for the Jewish identity of the State of Israel. We will express our justified interests as legal claims and file a suit in the coming days.”

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