Remand of minor extended, charge sheet to be filed

Tuesday, March 20, 13:48 The remand of the second of two minors suspected in the Nabi Elias vehicular arson has been extended.
Yesterday Jerusalem Magistrate Court Judge Avraham Rubin ordered the release of the second minor being as there was no cause to keep him in remand longer than the other minor who had been released the previous day in agreement with the police, who did not appeal the release. Also the judge canceled the gag order on the case.
In a deliberation which took place today (Tuesday) on the appeal which the police had filed on the release of the second minor Judge Efal-Gabai accepted the request made by the police and extended his remand until Thursday, at which time the charge sheet will be filed. The charge sheet will be filed with the Petah Tikva District Court.
Honenu attorney Aharon Roza represented the arrestee.
Two other suspects in the case were released to house arrest until this coming Friday. Apparently a charge sheet will not be filed against them.

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