Arrestee released in the Nabi Elias case, charge sheet to be filed

Tuesday, March 20, 11:07 Another arrestee has been released in the Nabi Elias vehicular arson case.
Honenu reports that this morning the police released an arrestee in the Nabi Elias vehicular arson case. The police also announced that today the police will file a charge sheet on another suspect in the case.
Yesterday the gag order was lifted on the arrest of three suspects, two minors and one adult, in the Nabi Elias vehicular arson case. The suspects were arrested in a pre-dawn raid simultaneously on three communities, Yad Binyamin, Yitzhar and Bat Ayin. The police claim to have intelligence and evidence supposedly linking the three to the incident. At the request of the police the court put a gag order on the case in order to prevent interference with the investigation.
In the course of the investigation four night raids have been conducted resulting in the arrest of four suspects in the case.
Two days ago (Sunday) the court ordered the release of one of the minors suspected in the incident. The release was conditional on house arrest until this coming Friday and a 1,000 NIS bond. The police initially requested an appeal but later retracted the appeal and in the end the arrestee was released to house arrest.
Yesterday Jerusalem Magistrate Court Judge Avraham Rubin ordered that the second minor suspected of involvement with the case be released on the same conditions as the first minor who had been released. The police announced that they will appeal the decision. The deliberation will take place this morning.
The police announced this morning that they intend to file a charge sheet against the suspect.
This morning the police decided of their own volition to release the third suspect, the adult, on the same conditions on which the first arrestee was released.

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