Repeat: False delay by Yehuda and Shomron police

Thursday, September 1 17:09 Yesterday (Wednesday) Yassam (special) police delayed “O”, a youth residing in the Binyamin region, for an hour as he waited at a hitch-hiking stop in Binyamin. The policemen claimed that “O” had not appeared at a deliberation held in a case against him and said that they must delay him at the police station in order to receive a summons for the deliberation and to sign a guarantee.
“O” explained to the police that in the morning policemen had arrived at his house, his mother signed for the summons, and they informed her of the date of the deliberation. According to “O”, the Yassam officer claimed that he was lying and insisted on delaying him at the police station.
However at the police station it became clear that the very same morning policemen from the Binyamin police had arrived at the youth’s house and brought the summons to the deliberation to his mother. After approximately one hour’s delay at the Binyamin police station, the youth was unconditionally released. “O” announced that he will consider personally suing the policemen who delayed him.
It should be noted that several weeks ago a Yitzhar resident was delayed in the middle of the night on a claim that he was barred from entering the Yehuda and Shomron region. After approximately one and a half hours it became clear that there had been an error at the police console.

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