Reserve soldier detained on suspicion of threatening Arab youths

Thursday, April 11, 18:27 Honenu reports that in the early evening on Thursday, April 11 a reserve duty soldier in Jerusalem was detained and accused of threatening Arab youths who tore Israeli flags off of cars in the Tomb of Samuel complex.
The soldier, who is currently serving in the Golan Heights, is on a two-day leave and went for a hike with his wife in the area of the Tomb of Samuel. He noticed Arab youths – boys and girls – tearing Israeli flags off of parked cars. The soldier ran after one of the youths in order to retrieve the flag which he had torn.
The guard at the site, also an Arab, then summoned the police, claiming that the soldier had threatened the youths with his weapon.
The soldier was detained and taken to the Shafat Police Station in Neve Ya’akov, Jerusalem where he was interrogated. During interrogation he completely denied the charge made against him.
Honenu attorney Adi Kedar is in contact with the soldier.

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