Residents of Mitzpeh Avichai and Haifa are barred from gatherings until the end of proceedings

Monday, March 28 13:10 A deliberation took place this morning at the Jerusalem Magistrate Court on a Mitzpeh Avichai resident and a Haifa resident.
The police demanded that they remain under house arrest until the end of proceedings. Honenu attorney David HaLevi who represented the two refused the demand of the police and in the end the two were barred from gatherings until the end of proceedings.
The two are “A”, the Mitzpeh Avichai resident arrested on suspicion of throwing rocks at Arab houses near Mitzpeh Avichai and “Sh”, the Haifa resident arrested during the demonstration that took place at the Kiryat Arba Junction as a protest against the attack at the International Convention Center in Jerusalem.

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