Support for soldiers

Thursday, August 1, 2019, 12:44 Honenu director Shmuel (Zangi) Meidad, responded to a recent report that Golani soldiers serving on the Gaza front are afraid to open fire out of concern that an investigation will be opened against them: “Whoever sends soldiers on life-threatening missions facing brutal murderers and expects them to hold their fire in times of danger, abandons them and us. Soldiers who do not obey open fire orders when they feel a threat to their lives and all of our lives find themselves in interrogation rooms and, even worse, in the defendants’ box. This is a life-threatening reality that we must not allow to continue.”
The report was from Army Radio correspondent Tzachi Dabush, who quoted soldiers saying that, “The soldiers here are afraid to open fire because tomorrow an investigation will be opened against them. Three weeks ago they got angry at us because we shot at a Hamas activist who approached the [Gaza security] fence. How do they expect us to open fire? Soldiers prefer not to serve on the Gaza front so that they won’t be charged [with a crime] tomorrow and have a case opened against them.”
Last night three Golani soldiers were injured in an attack carried out by a Hamas terrorist who infiltrated into Israel armed with a Kalashnikov rifle and grenades. The attack occurred after Golani forces were alerted to a suspicious figure approaching the Gaza security fence. After the terrorist breached the fence into Israel he opened fire on the soldiers until he was killed.
For more information about how Honenu has supported soldiers serving on the Gaza front see here, here and here.

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