Jewish driver attacked on Route 65

Thursday, August 1, 2019, 9:17 As he was traveling with several yeshiva students on Route

Shattered windshield

Shattered windshield

65 near Afula, more than ten assailants forced a Jewish driver to stop his car, shattered his windshield and attempted to injure him and his passengers. Honenu Attorney Chaim Bleicher, who is representing the driver, sent a letter to the Afula Police demanding information relating to the investigation.
In his letter, Bleicher wrote that on Friday, July 5, “my client was attacked by numerous assailants at the intersection of the entrance to the town of Shibli while he was driving on Route 65 from Bnei Brak towards Tzfat. My client had three hitch-hiking yeshiva students with him.
“When my client passed Afula, driving on a divided section of the road with one lane in each direction, my client noticed a car coming up behind him with the intent to pass. When my client reached a right-turn deceleration lane, he entered it in order to allow the car to pass him.
“The car behind him began to pass, the driver stopped next to my client’s car, opened his window, one of the passengers cursed my client, and then the driver continued. My client thought that that was the end of it. However several kilometers later my client noticed the car stopped in the middle of the road, blocking it.
“My client was forced to stop his car and then noticed over ten assailants running towards the car. The assailants kicked the car, shattered the windows and attempted to injure my client and the passengers of the car.”
The driver phoned the police and was in contact with them “as his car was being attacked from all sides. The assailants shattered the front windshield and one of them shattered the driver’s side window. At this point my client came to his senses, backed up and succeeded in escaping on the shoulder of the road.
Afterwards the driver met up with the border police car that had been summoned to him. One of the passengers was in shock and “Only by a miracle was no-one physically injured.” In conclusion Bleicher demanded that the police, “act with all means to bring about the detention of the dangerous criminals and update me with regards to developments in the investigation.”
Honenu Attorney Chaim Bleicher, who is representing the driver and assisting him with realizing his rights as a crime victim stated that, “The criminal terror on the roads of The Triangle [an area in northern Israel with a concentration of Arab towns] is endangering the security of Israeli citizens and challenges the sovereignty of the State. We call on the authorities to increase law enforcement and the penalization of these criminals.”

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