Supreme Court rejected State’s appeal – The “spies” will be released

Sunday, January 15, 11:32 Supreme Court Judge Yitzchak Amit rejected the appeal filed by the State of Israel opposing the release of the five “spies” against whom an indictment was filed claiming that they organized activity with the aim of thwarting the destruction of outposts.
The five will be released to house arrest according to the conditions set by District Judge Chana Ben-Ami. The five will remain under complete house arrest, cut off from all communications devices and will also post large bonds of either 10,000 or 15,000 NIS each.
The court ruled in its decision that attention should be given to the fact that they five are accused of “holding information of a military type” – a British Mandate crime that relates more to “carrier pigeons than to fourth generation cellular phones,” in the words of the judge.
However the judge ruled that he sees a danger in the actions of the defendants, and stresses their ideological background.
Honenu reported that, “Apparently the Attorney General’s office climbed a high tree with its British Mandate charge sheet fabricated for the Land of Israel activists. We hope that in the end the detainees will be exonerated of all guilt.”

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