The saga continues: Boaz Albert, released by the court, refused to sign and will remain in remand

Friday, November 1, 2013 Honenu supports Albert’s right to return home!
On Wednesday, October 30 Yitzhar resident Boaz Albert refused to sign on the ruling of the K’far Saba Magistrate Court which released him from remand in the Nitzan Prison to house arrest. The reason for his refusal is that the house arrest would be in Sha’arei Tikva, not Yitzhar due to the administrative order banning him from entering Yitzhar.
Albert’s brother speaks on his remand (Hebrew only) in this video clip. Video credit: HaKol HaYehudi
Yitzhar resident Boaz Albert, who rose to the headlines after being Tasered by police during detention on August 15, announced on Wednesday, October 30 at the K’far Saba Magistrate Court that he would not agree to sign on his release from remand consequent upon the demand that he serve his house arrest in the community of Sha’arei Tikva and not in his home in Yitzhar, from where he has been barred entry by an administrative order issued by Major General Nitzan Alon.
“Boaz knows that his decision is important to the People of Israel,” said his brother, Elchanan Albert.
“He intends to remain in prison for three months until the order expires and he does so with determination and full awareness. He feels that it is his duty to state that G-d’s orders are above those of the major general, and therefore he will not agree to sign on the administrative order banning him from entering Yitzhar, without being charged with anything. His family and friends support and strengthen him, send him letters and are actively raising awareness of the injustice of administrative orders.”
Honenu, whose lawyers have been working on Albert’s case from the very start, agrees that his demand to return to his home in Yitzhar is just. Honenu supports Boaz Albert and calls for an immediate cancellation of the administrative order banning him from his home.

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