District court rules: Boaz Albert to be released

Tuesday, October 22, 2013 On Tuesday, October 22 the district court also rejected the appeal filed by the police to keep Yitzhar resident Boaz Albert in remand, until the end of proceedings. The decision by the district court follows the ruling by the magistrate court which stated that the policy of the police concerning Albert was “tendentious”. Honenu attorney Adi Kedar said that, “The district court’s decision did not vary from that of the magistrate court.”
“The police return time after time to the legal arena, after they have been defeated and attempt to justify their despicable conduct,” said one of Albert’s associates. “The judges continue to shame the police and rightfully so. The police must internalize the fact that relying on arbitrary and immoral administrative orders issued by the major general is a badge of shame for the law enforcement authorities.”
The ruling by the district court follows the harsh criticism received by the police in Petah Tikva Magistrate Court Judge Nava Bechor’s ruling: “A definite feeling of tendentiousness remains concerning the defamation of the defendant and the exaggeration of the level of danger he poses to the public. If he poses such an obvious danger why hasn’t an indictment been filed yet in such a manner that would render carrying out the administrative order redundant?”
During his detention on August 15 the police brutally shocked Yitzhar resident Boaz Albert with a Taser. Several weeks later on September 24 Albert chained himself to a device secured deep in the ground, forcing police to work with heavy machinery for four and a half hours in order to release him.
Honenu attorney Adi Kedar said, “The court rejected the State’s request to keep Boaz in remand. The court did somewhat harshen the release conditions however that does not alter the more significant ruling of and criticism leveled by the magistrate court.”

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