Third conviction in Yanai Weisman, Hy”d, case

Tuesday, January 29, 2019, 17:12 On Tuesday, January 29, the Military Court in Yehuda convicted the third member of the terror cell which carried out the stabbing attack on February 18, 2016, at the Sha’ar Binyamin branch of the Rami Levy supermarket chain. The conviction is for intentionally causing the death of First Sergeant Tuvia Yanai Weisman, Hy”d, which, according to military legislation, is the equivalent of the crime of murder, and attempting to cause the death of a civilian who was injured in the attack. The verdict states that the terrorist, with two additional terrorists, planned well in advance to carry out a stabbing attack against Jews.
The terrorist convicted today (Tuesday) arrived at the Rami Levy complex with two other terrorists with the intent to murder Jews. He was prevented from entering the complex because of his age and because he did not present an identification card. The other two terrorists entered the complex and looked for victims.
At some point the third terrorist somehow entered the complex and met up with his friends, who intended to give him a knife so that he could carry out the attack with them. However before he was able to take the knife he was removed from the complex as he shouted to his friends, “Ya’alla!” giving them a sign that they should start the attack. He was convicted due to his collaboration with the terrorists who carried out the attack.
After the third terrorist had been removed from the complex, the two other terrorists started the attack. Initially they seriously injured an Israeli citizen in the shopping complex and afterwards they stabbed Weisman to death, as he bravely struggled with the terrorists and thwarted the continuation of the attack. The GOC of the Central Command awarded First Sergeant Tuvia Yanai Weisman, Hy”d, a citation for his demonstration of bravery and personal example.
Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher: “We thank the Military Advocate General for their work and we welcome the ruling by the military court, which convicted the terrorist, thus sending a message that every collaborator to an act of terror will be taken to trial and will bear full responsibility for the outcome.
“There is no doubt that the presence of the families of the victims during the court deliberations, sharpens the legal and basic understanding that there are terrorists whose every goal is to threaten our existence. And there are no grounds for having mercy on these terrorists by accepting their mendacious version of accounts after they have carried out their plots. The death penalty is fitting for these terrorists.”
Bleicher added, “We call on the court not to settle for less than life imprisonment, both in this case with terrorists who have not yet been sentenced and in the case of an appeal against the terrorist who was sentenced to 35 years’ imprisonment, not life.”

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