Three remaining Ramat Migron arrestees released

Wednesday, March 28, 10:36 The remaining three Ramat Migron arrestees suspected of vehicular arson in the Mukhmus village in response to the assault on a Jewish youth by residents of the village have been released.
Yesterday (Tuesday) residents of Mukhmus complained that a vehicle had been torched and graffiti sprayed in the village. The graffiti read “Price Tag” and “Regards from E.” and appeared to be in response to the assault on E., the youth brutally assaulted last week by residents of Mukhmus who claimed that E. had assaulted them and slaughtered one of their sheep.
In a raid yesterday on the Ramat Migron outpost seven youths were arrested. After a short time four of them were released and the other three remained in remand on suspicion of involvement with the vehicular arson in Mukhmus. In the end the remaining three were released from the police station.
Honenu attorney Adi Kedar handled the case.

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