Two Mitzpeh Asael residents sentenced to three months community service

Wednesday, April 6 19:35 At the Be’er Sheva District Court this morning the verdict was given at the trial of two Mitzpeh Asael residents. The two were convicted of attacking an Arab who set on fire fields belonging to the outpost.
Judge Chani Slotzki sentenced the two to three months of community service.
The episode began approximately three years ago.
A group of anarchists accompanied by Arabs approached the Mitzpeh Asael outpost in the Har Hevron area. One of the Arabs set a field on fire near the outpost and the group gathered nearby.
When the residents of the outpost went out to the fields in order to extinguish the fire one of the Arabs who had lit the fire attacked them with a hoe.
The residents grabbed the Arab and tied him to a pole in order to restrain him until soldiers arrived.
Later left-wing anarchist activists publicized a short video in which one of the residents was seen kicking the Arab.
The Hevron police quickly arrested the three settlers and afterwards the State Attorney issued a severe charge sheet against them for kidnapping and injuring in an aggravated assault.
The Arab who set the fire was released immediately while the Mitzpeh Asael residents sat for months in remand and under house arrest.
In the course of the deliberations it became known that the chief complainant in the incident was a Hamas activist known to the GSS. The organizer of the provocation is the well-known anarchist Ezra Nawi who has been convicted in the past of sexual offenses on children.
At the end of the trial the State decided to void the charge sheet of one of the residents and the other two were convicted of assault.
This morning they were sentenced to three months of community service. Attorney Yoram Sheftal who represented them announced that he is considering submitting an appeal on the decision.

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