Court authorized leave for Shlomi D’vir in honor of daughter’s birth

Wednesday, April 6 19:45 The Petah Tikva District Court ordered the Prison Services to allow Shlomi D’vir leave in honor of his daughter’s birth.
Last week a daughter was born to Prisoner of Zion Shlomi D’vir. D’vir, a resident of Bat Ayin, has been imprisoned for over 10 years for his part in the Bat Ayin Underground affair.
The Prison Services and the GSS have prevented D’vir and his friends from going on leave on the claim of a security risk.
Last week D’vir submitted a request for a 48 hour leave in honor of his daughter’s birth. The Prison Services did not respond to the request and also after Honenu attorney Adi Kedar submitted a similar request the Prison Services refused to deal with the matter.
Honenu attorney Kedar petitioned the court, demanding that D’vir be allowed leave. This morning a deliberation on the petition took place and the court ordered that the Prison Services allow D’vir a leave of 48 hours.

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