Two Susia residents arrested a short time ago in two separate incidents

Thursday, April 7 12:33 Two Susia residents were arrested a short time ago in two separate incidents.
“D”, a Susia resident, was arrested by police as he was on his way to Kiryat Arba. Policemen from the Hevron Police stopped his vehicle on the road between Susia and Kiryat Arba and detained him on a claim that he was wanted for investigation.
The police left in the vehicle a father and son, both of whom were sick, who were on their way to the health clinic in Kiryat Arba. The father does not have a driver’s license and even after pleading with the police that they be allowed to continue to the nearest settlement, the police refused. The police responded with contempt and left them in the middle of the road.
In another incident, near Mitzpeh Yair, Mitzpeh Yair resident Avidan Ophir, was arrested.
Arabs accompanied by anarchists entered the pasture land of Havat Har Sinai. Several residents of the area arrived at the scene and demanded that the Arabs leave the area. One of the Arabs began to attack Avidan. Ironically police who arrived at the scene arrested Avidan on a claim that he had attacked the Arab.
The incident was recorded by surveillance cameras.
It should be noted that approximately one month ago a similar incident occurred in which Avidan Ophir was arrested along with other residents of the area. In court a Honenu attorney presented video clips recorded by the surveillance cameras, proving that the Arabs had attacked the Jews with rocks and that the Jews hadn’t done a thing.
The court was forced to release the detainees.

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