Unmarked police car rams youths’ car, killing one – Day 21

Ahuvia Sandak, z”l

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Sunday, January 10, 2021
8:47 Evidence indicating police disruption of investigation
Honenu Attorney Menashe Yado, who is representing the family of Ahuvia Sandak, z”l, as crime victims, filed several complaints over disruption of legal proceedings against policemen involved with Ahuvia’s death. Yado transferred evidence clearly indicating disruption of legal proceedings on the part of the policemen to the Police Investigation Unit (PIU)
Honenu: “A youth was killed by policemen. The investigation must be thorough and comprehensive in every aspect arising from examination of the evidence, including disruption of investigatory procedures by the policemen involved [with the accident].
“One must remember that the policemen wrote the police action reports five hours after the incident and were interrogated three days after the incident. That is a lengthy time during which things were done. Additionally, there are more questions about several subjects connected to the investigation, which we pointed out as problematic. We also noticed that officials in the PIU pointed out the same problematic, question-raising things.
“We expect all o1f the policemen involved to be investigated with regards to all of the complaints. As of now, we have been very disappointed by the method of the investigation, and based on what officials in the PIU have publicized, the investigation must be handled differently and the direction must be changed. The State of Israel must investigate and give answers as to how policemen in the Israeli Police cut short the life of a youth.
“Up until now, the investigation of the policemen has been weak and unprofessional. We hope that the detention of the policeman is not lip service to a public demanding answers, but rather the beginning of a genuine change in the operation of the PIU.”

Kedumim Junction; Photo credit: Shira Ben-Shaiya

17:27 Protester assaulted for defending girls
Shomron resident Yehuda Shimon, a former IDF combat soldier and commander, and a well-known and respected attorney in the Shomron, came with eight of his children to a demonstration protesting the death of Ahuvia, z”l, at the Kedumim Junction last night. When Shimon reprimanded soldiers for touching girls, some of whom they had touched close to their chests, he was brutally assaulted by Lieutenant Colonel Ayub Kayuf and the soldiers under his command.
“As part of the demonstration, youths, boys and girls sat in the road for a lengthy time. At some point I saw soldiers touching the girls in an invasive manner. One of them grabbed a girl close to her chest. I approached him and yelled at him not to touch the girls. Immediately soldiers jumped on me, assaulted me. Even the police understood that I hadn’t done anything. This afternoon I came of my own accord to the police station. I was interrogated and released immediately afterwards.
“Until I was informed by the IDF, I did not know that the battalion commander had been at the incident with the girls. It is sad to see a commander of an elite IDF unit carrying out police work, damaging legitimate freedom of protest, harming girls with his soldiers, and also assaulting a civilian who reprimanded him. The saddest part is that he ran to the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit to besmirch the residents of Yehuda and Shomron. It was a sad day for the Golani Brigade, the IDF and the State of Israel.”
Attorney Yehuda Shimon, who was injured by the soldiers, intends to file a civil suit against the police and the IDF for the assault and false detention.

Soldiers assaulting Shimon; Video credit: Free use

21:46 Sandak Family demands appointment of investigative judge
Jerusalem Magistrates Court Judge Eliad Weinshall ordered the State of Israel to respond to the request by Ahuvia Sandak’s family to appoint an investigative judge to investigate the death of Ahuvia, z”l, by tomorrow. Honenu Attorney Ariel Atari filed the request on behalf of the family on January 6.
Honenu Attorney Ariel Atari: “I am pleased by the rapid decision, which indicates that the urgency to appoint an investigative judge to investigate the circumstances of the death of Ahuvia, z”l, and to put those culpable on trial, is obvious to the court as well.”

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