Unmarked police car rams youths’ car, killing one – Day 3

Poster announcing demonstrations

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Wednesday, December 23, 2020
14:27 Honenu Attorneys Rom and Keidar: “One of the worst police cover-ups”
Honenu Attorneys Nati Rom and Adi Keidar, who are representing the injured youths, sharply criticized the police cover-up in the case of the death of Ahuvia Sandak, z”l, in a Binyamin region police car chase:
“This is a horrific and very disturbing case of a cover-up – unbelievable. Policemen rammed a car, resulting in the death of a youth, a complaint has been filed against the policemen for murder, and the police are casting blame on the youths instead of taking responsibility for the act. Might as well close down the police. Beyond the shame and the lack of morality, the investigation is being disrupted – criminal conduct by the highest levels in the police. We will not be silent. And we will not stop until justice comes to light.”
The harsh response came after it became known that during the interrogation of the injured youths the interrogators attempted to use the interrogation to place the criminal culpability for the death of the youth on the injured youths.
This morning a deliberation took place at the Tel Aviv District Court on the case of two of the injured youths. The court rejected the appeal, but noted in their decision that it was a tragic incident, which must be taken into account, and stated that it would be possible to release them from remand under restrictive conditions, after two more investigative actions are carried out. Tomorrow their remand is expected to come to an end. It is not yet clear whether or not the police will ask for a remand extension.
16:07 Protest announced for this evening
Shut down the Central Unit of Yehuda and Shomron Police!
Today at 20:00 the main protest will take place opposite the National Headquarters of the Israeli Police in Jerusalem. From there a march will proceed to Zion Square (Kikar Tzion). Everyone spread the word and everyone come!
20:22 Third day in a row of protests following death of Ahuvia, z”l
Dozens of demonstrators have blocked Route 1 near the National Headquarters of the Israeli Police in Jerusalem. Severe police brutality has been reported.
20:26 A water cannon is on the scene.
20:27 As of now, five demonstrators have been detained.
20:30 The light rail has been blocked in several locations.
20:34 More than ten demonstrators have been detained.
20:40 A demonstrator has been detained for calling a police officer a murderer. The officer replied, “You know whom you should call a murderer?”
22:43 Water cannons are being used against demonstrators in center city Jerusalem.

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