Who is interfering with soldiers’ actions?

Sunday, March 27, 2016, 15:49 “One must pay attention to who is interfering with the soldiers’ ability to take action,” said Shmuel (Zangy) Meidad, the director of Honenu following the detention of the soldier who killed one of the two terrorists in Hevron who had stabbed a soldier on Thursday, March 24.
Meidad continued: “There are connections which are hard to understand between B’Tselem and the Military Advocate General and it seems like the entire system is continuously dragged into the same hostile agendas which do damage to our soldiers.”
Meidad, who founded Honenu in 2001and has since assisted thousands of policemen and IDF soldiers who found themselves in complicated legal situations due to the security situation, mentioned, that to this day the IDF has refused to reveal the working procedures between them and B’Tselem despite requests from Honenu. The IDF claimed that the matter is one of, “unwritten regulations which have developed over the years.”
“B’Tselem has not shown that it is interested in a genuine investigation,” said Meidad. “We have not seen them publicizing documentation of terror attacks against IDF soldiers or Israeli citizens, but rather it appears that they have a clear agenda of interfering with the duties of IDF soldiers.”
Meidad added that, “At times it seems as if we have lost our senses and forgotten that the terrorist who was killed is not an innocent citizen, but rather a murderous enemy who only a moment previously almost butchered a soldier. The conduct of the heads of the security forces over the past few days has led to a situation in which soldiers and policemen will hesitate before shooting terrorists, as happened on the day following the attack in exactly the same site. This situation leads to the immediate danger to the lives of security forces and civilians, and weakens the resolve of the IDF.
“A soldier who shoots a terrorist is not a criminal and is not a murderer. It is easy to sit in a cafe in Tel Aviv or on a sofa in one’s living room, watching an incident documented in a particular manner by individuals hostile to the IDF, and to judge.
“One must remember that the security forces are on the front lines, day in and day out, when on the one hand they are attacked by murderers armed with firearms and knives and on the other, camera lenses are aimed at them, and only them, by hostile organizations whose goal is obvious, and therefore one must strengthen the soldiers, thank them and give them support. It is certainly improper to judge soldiers in this manner concerning complex operations on the battlefield.”

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