Yet another arrest and unconditional release

Thursday, March 15, 20:21 The State of Israel carries out large scale operations for the purpose of arresting youths supposedly involved with “price tag” incidents. Who funds them?
A young man from one of Itamar’s hilltops was interrogated on suspicion of involvement with torching an agricultural tractor in a nearby Arab village and unconditionally released.
In a conversation with a Honenu representative Z. fully reveals how the case developed.
Last week, two days before the Purim holiday, several civilian vehicles arrived at the hilltop community adjacent to the community of Itamar in the Shomron. The passengers of the vehicles, police detectives and border policeman, searched for Z. in order to bring him in for interrogation. The operation was conducted under surveillance by a drone hovering overhead to ensure that Z. did not flee the scene. The security forces did not find Z. and left the hilltop at the end of the operation.
Two days ago the security forces returned in the evening. Army and border police Jeeps blocked all of the roads leading to the hilltop. Border police, Yassam (Special Police), police interrogators, and agents from the Jewish Department of the GSS raided the hilltop. With weapons drawn the forces broke into Z.’s caravan in order to find him and bring him in for interrogation. Z., who was not at the site at the time, heard all of the details from his friends who had been there.
The following day Z. turned to Honenu for legal advice concerning what he should do, being as he had not received a summons to interrogation. Representatives of Honenu advised Z. to wait for a summons, which wasn’t long in coming. After several hours Z. received a phone call from the police requesting that he come in for an interrogation.
Today (Thursday) Z. arrived at the Ariel Police Station for interrogation and was interrogated on suspicion of involvement with torching an agricultural tractor in a village near Itamar approximately one month ago. Z. said that he was not the first to be interrogated in the case and that soon after the incident a friend of his was also interrogated.
After several hours of interrogation Z. was unconditionally released after agreeing to appear for interrogation in the future if requested to do so.
Honenu, which has been assisting Z., reported in response: “We have already become accustomed to these showcase arrests which produce nothing other than misleading the public and causing the arrestees anguish. What is not clear is how public funds are dispensed on these operations almost limitlessly, with no public outcry.”

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