A month and a half later – cell phones, computers and cameras released

Tuesday, July 19 15:58 This morning, after more than a month and a half, the items taken from the five youths arrested on suspicion of setting on fire the vehicle of the police commander of the Binyamin police station were released. See here for details.
The five were arrested after the destruction of the Alei Ayin hilltop near Shiloh and released after no connection was found between them and the incident.
Approximately two weeks later three of the five youths were arrested again and unconditionally released again after the police did not succeed in linking them to the arson.
From one of the detainees, Elhanan Gruner, who works for Honenu and the website HaKol HaYehudi, a computer belonging to Honenu and two cameras belonging to HaKol HaYehudi were confiscated.
After an exhausting legal battle conducted by Honenu attorney Adi Kedar and many deliberations, the court ordered the items returned.
At first the court decided, with the agreement of the police, that the items would be returned within three days, however the police changed their minds and since then a legal battle has been waged that involved three judges until the final decision to return the items.
The police attempted repeatedly to claim that the items were evidence in the trial, however after the police did not respond to the request of the court and did not present the viewpoint of the State Attorney’s office in the case on the issue of filing a claims sheet, the court ordered the return of the items.

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