Another arrest and release in the Ephraim Brigade case

Wednesday, March 7, 21:16 A Hevron resident, married and father of five children, was arrested yesterday morning during an early morning raid on his house. The arrestee was interrogated at the police station on suspicion of involvement with the Ephraim Brigade incident several months ago. (See here for additional information.) At the end of the interrogation the arrestee was unconditionally released to his home.
According to the police the arrestee was arrested following identification by an IDF officer from a photograph during a photo lineup conducted by the police.
The arrestee claimed that he had no connection to the incident and asked to see the photograph from which he was identified. When he was shown the photograph he noticed that it was an old photograph from eight years ago, when he was a teenager.
The police interrogators agreed with the arrestee that the photograph did not resemble his current appearance at all and unconditionally released him.
Honenu also reports that an 18 year old youth was arrested today in the area of the Oz Tzion outpost near Givat Assaf on suspicion of violating a closed military zone. After a short interrogation he was released.
Honenu attorneys briefed the two arrestees.

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