Another minor detained in Kfar Qusra incident case

Wednesday, January 15 21:30 On Wednesday, January 15 an additional victim, a minor, of the attempted lynch on January 7 near Kfar Qusra was detained. Despite the fact that all of the youths previously detained had already been released and both the Jerusalem Magistrate Court and the Jerusalem District Court rejected out of hand police requests for remand, the police insisted on requesting remand and again the request was rejected out of hand by Judge Ron Alexander.
Attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir, who represented the youth on behalf of Honenu, said after the deliberation, “It is not clear to me why the Israeli Police have not yet internalized the message. More and more judges are rejecting police requests for remands in the Kfar Qusra incident case. However that does not interest the police and they continue to submit requests [for remand] in order to harass the youth and the court. I would expect that instead of harassing, the police would act towards detaining the terrorists who tried to murder the youths, and uphold the law in the State of Israel.”

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