Arabs attack Jewish family in Beit Hanina

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Sunday, November 6, 2022, 11:29 Arab rioters brutally attacked the Buchris family in the Beit Hanina neighborhood of Jerusalem approximately one month ago. Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher wrote a letter to the office of the State Attorney on behalf of the Buchris family, demanding that their attackers be indicted for attempted murder. In his letter, Bleicher described the attack: “My clients, who reside in Neve Ya’akov [Jerusalem neighborhood] drove from the Meginei Ya’akov intersection straight on ‘Beit Hanina Road’ Street toward the Ben Tzion Interchange on Begin Boulevard. After the first traffic circle, on a section of the street flanked by stores on both sides, they realized to their horror that it was blocked by [a pile of] large wooden pallets and dozens of Arabs were standing around. The rioters who had blocked the street left only a narrow passageway and looked at the passengers in the cars driving by. When they noticed that my clients were Jewish, one of the rioters immediately signaled with a laser pointer on the car. Within a few seconds, his friends threw rocks at the car from all directions, shattering the windows.

“My clients were left powerless, terrified, and with a genuine feeling that their lives were endangered, ambushed by dozens of terrorists without the ability to escape. As the rocks were thrown, the terrorists tried to open the car doors. At some point, when a rock hit the window next to the wife, Tehila, another terrorist completely shattered the window. His friend reached inside and tried to punch her in the head. A large rock thrown at the baby seat hit it and miraculously landed between his legs.”

Bleicher concluded the letter with a request that the office of the State Attorney do everything necessary to put the Arab rioters on trial for attempted murder: “This was an extremely serious attack in the heart of sovereign Jerusalem. Throwing large rocks at a car in which a five-month-old baby and other young children are riding is attempted murder and should be treated as such. A situation in which a family with small children encounters an attempted murder on a routine ride home, a traumatic experience that will leave an impression on them for the rest of their lives, must not be tolerated. The attack is particularly serious as it is only one of a series of daily attacks on Jews in the city, with the aim of instilling terror and fear in pedestrians and drivers in broad sections of Jerusalem. In the name of the victims, I demand that this incident be thoroughly investigated and that everything necessary be done so that the attackers are indicted for attempted murder in an act of terror.”

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