Arami’s family demands: “Lift the gag order”

Tuesday, November 25, 2014, 13:36 On Tuesday, September 16, Netanel Arami, Hy”d, fell

Uziel Arami at the press conference, Photo credit: Honeu

Uziel Arami and family at the press conference with
Honenu attorney Nizri,
Photo credit: Honeu

11 stories to his death while at work rappelling on the side of a building at a Petah Tikva construction site. Arami’s family immediately claimed that his death was nationalistically motivated murder and reasoned that an Arab worker had cut his cables; both Arami’s main cable and his back-up cable were cut. A complete gag order was placed on the case. Two weeks later, after the gag order on the case was partially lifted, Arami’s family held a press conference on Tuesday, September 30, however details of the investigation still remain under the gag order.
Netanal Arami’s family appeared at the Petah Tikva Magistrate Court on Tuesday, November 25 accompanied by Honenu attorney Hur Uriel Nizri, who is assisting the family with legal counsel. The family held a press conference at which they wore shirts with a photograph of Netanel and filed a request to lift the gag order and publicize the details of the investigation his case.
“Approximately one month ago we turned to the court with a request to receive information on the details of the investigation and the chain of events in the murder,” said Nizri. “The court obligated the police to update the family, according to the law, and the police did indeed update the family. There is information which is important for the entire public to know. We cannot publicize the information so we have come to court to request that the public be given the right to know the details of the incident and the circumstances thereof.”
Netanel Arami’s mother, Miriam, said that, “We feel like they are treating us as second rate citizens because we are Jews. We hope that following our request to the court it will be possible to reveal the information that we have, which is important for the public to have also.”
Netanel Arami’s father, Uziel, wept bitterly and said, “As time passes the pain grows stronger. The secrecy and the gag order have created a witch-hunt. We ask G-d to help the police investigate and reveal the truth.”

For a description of a march in Bat Yam on October 1 protesting the conduct of the authorities following Arami’s death see here.

Update: The gag order has been lifted.

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