Court released all Kever Yosef detainees

Thursday, November 24, 2011, 16:04 The number of detainees at Kever Yosef (Joseph’s Tomb) has been updated to 13. The Petah Tikva Magistrate Court released all 13 activists from “Gareen Shechem” who were detained overnight on their way to Kever Yosef.
The police requested that the court impose a distancing order on them banning them from entering Area A and impose on them a high bond. The court ruled that they will place a 500 NIS bond and sign on a guarantee.
Honenu Attorney Adi Keidar represented the detainees.
“Gareen Shechem” reported in response that “Also tonight the Israeli Police continued to prevent many Jews from worshiping at Kever Yosef. This policy led to the shameful detention of 13 members of ‘Gareen Shechem’ on their way to the tomb. We strongly object to the detentions and announce that we will not surrender to the thuggery of the police and will continue our efforts to return to Shechem and to Kever Yosef. We also call for the cessation of cooperation between the institutions of the Shomron and other organizations and the police, and that is in order to allow unlimited access to Kever Yosef.”

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