Four detainees in Ramat Migron

Thursday, July 19, 21:12 The police continue to ignore the courts’ rulings: Four young women were detained this evening at the Ramat Migron outpost in the Binyamin region on suspicion of violating a closed military zone order, Honenu reports.
Border policemen who arrived at Ramat Migron ordered the young women at the site to leave according to a closed military zone order. The women insisted that they are residents of the site and therefore excluded from the order. According to them they have been residents for close to ten months. After approximately an hour of negotiations, during which the policemen denied the veracity of the young women’s statements, they were detained and taken for interrogation to the Sha’ar Binyamin Police Station.
The women are adults, some of them students, and comprise part of the core group which founded Ramat Migron, during the holiday of Succot this year. The core group along with other individuals have maintained the outpost since its founding.
A Honenu attorney is handling the case.
To reiterate, several months ago the Jerusalem Magistrate and District Courts ruled that Jews residing in Ramat Migron are considered permanent residents of the site, which exempts them from the closed military zone order. In the Supreme Court decision, which was made in response to a petition by the police against the rulings of the lower magistrate and district courts, Supreme Court Justice Noam Solberg upheld the rulings of the lower courts and left their decisions standing.
Since the courts’ decision the police have found it difficult to disrupt the existence of outposts throughout Yehuda and Shomron, being as outpost residents detained for violating closed military zone orders are repeatedly freed by the courts.
Honenu reports that the decisions mentioned above were the result of dedicated legal work and rectify an ongoing injustice carried out by the security forces who routinely discriminate against Jewish residents of Yehuda and Shomron. It is a shame that the Israeli Police regularly ignore the courts’ decisions.

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