House arrest conditions lightened for suspect in Luban Al-Sharqiya case

Thursday, March 22, 20:25 The Jerusalem Magistrate Court partially accepted the petition filed on behalf of M., the minor suspected of vandalizing Arab property in the village of Luban Al-Sharqiya and lightened the conditions of her house arrest.
M. was arrested approximately one month ago on suspicion of vandalizing Arab property and spray painting graffiti with another minor. A soldier serving in the Golani Brigade suspected of driving the two young women was also arrested.
Approximately six weeks ago the police arrested the Golani soldier on suspicion of participation in the vandalism. The soldier is suspected of driving the young women and stopping at the village of Luban Al-Sharqiya in the area of Shilo. The young women are suspected of exiting the vehicle, tearing several sacks of cement outside a building supply store and spray painting graffiti.
In the course of the investigation the two young women were arrested in a large-scale raid on the community of K’far Tapuah in the Shomron. The young women, who were not at their homes at the time, were identified by cellular location equipment which pinpointed their location while they were at another house. See here for more information on the case,
During his interrogation the interrogators assured the soldier that if he cooperated he would be returned to his army unit. The soldier did cooperate and expressed regret for his actions. At this time he is not under any restrictions.
The second minor suspected of involvement with the incident has been released to house arrest and is under orders to be allowed to leave her home unsupervised to go to her National Service post in the morning.
Today (Thursday) Honenu attorney Sinaiya Moses-Harizi, who is representing M., appealed on her behalf concerning her house arrest conditions. Until this time M. has been under complete house arrest under supervision at her aunt’s house in Jerusalem and was not even allowed to visit her home in K’far Tapuah. Judge Efal-Gabai partially accepting the appeal and ordered that M. be allowed to leave her aunt’s home in the morning without supervision and also to go home for Shabbat. Provided that a suitable framework is found for M. she will be allowed to remain in the framework under supervision with no additional restrictions.

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