Second remand extension of Tapuah suspects in “price tag” incident

Tuesday, February 14, 22:22 The remand on the two young women suspect of vandalism has been extended for a second time. The first remand had been extended by four days.
Honenu reports that in a deliberation which took place at the Jerusalem Magistrate Court the remand of the two young women suspected of vandalizing Arab property and spray-painting graffiti in the village of Luban Al-Sharqiya has been extended by one day.
The police announced that tomorrow a charge sheet will be filed against them and the other arrestee involved with the case. The police will also file a request for remand until the end of proceedings. As reported here, last Thursday large numbers of police and GSS forces raided the community of K’far Tapuah in the Shomron. At the end of the raid the police arrested two young women who had poked holes in bags of cement (previously reported as sand) at a building supply store in the village of Luban Al-Sharqiya and spray-painted graffiti.
Honenu attorney Sinaiya Moses-Harizi, who is representing one of the women, reports that, “In my opinion the young women have remained in remand only because the case bears the sensational label “’price tag’ incident”. Examination of the actual acts shows that the case does not warrant a remand until the end of proceedings. There is no justification for taking a young woman, without any criminal record, suspected of such minor acts which do not present a danger to the public and keeping her in a prolonged remand.”

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