Jewish youths detained on Temple Mount

Thursday, December 18, 2014, 11:09 Four Jewish youths were detained in two incidents on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem on the morning of Thursday, December 18.
The first incident occurred as a group of Jews left the Temple Mount. According to someone in the group an Arab assaulted another Jew in the group. A clash broke out among the crowd of Arabs and Jews present. Policemen detained two Jews and one Arab.
Later the same day another group of Jews went onto the Temple Mount. The police claim that near the Chain Gate, while they were still on the Temple Mount, one of the group exclaimed, “Hashem is G-d.” Policemen detained him and one of his friends who protested his detention.
The four detainees were taken to the Merchav David (Old City District) Police Station. Honenu attorney Rehavia Piltz went to the station to provide legal assistance.
In a related incident on the previous day, Wednesday, December 17, a Jewish youth was delayed on his way to the Temple Mount when he had in his possession a Hanuka candle and matches. Earlier in December a restraining order, which was canceled after Honenu filed an appeal, was issued to a Jewish woman who attempted to go onto the Temple Mount with a bottle of grape juice. She was also detained and interrogated.

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