Minor interrogated after filing complaint with PIU

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Wednesday, February 3, 2021, 12:47 Modi’in Police take revenge: A 17-year-old teenager who filed a complaint with the Police Investigation Unit (PIU) over brutality against a policeman who hit her, was summoned to an interrogation approximately one month later. During the interrogation, which lasted three hours, the interrogator shouted at her and humiliated her, to the point where she cried several times.

The brutal detention; Video credit: Elazar Perl

The teenager was brutally detained during a December 31 demonstration at Shilat Junction protesting the death of Ahuvia Sandak, z”l, after she called a policeman “pitzi,” a slang term meaning “tiny”. The detention was recorded in a video clip that was shared in the social media. Several days after the detention she filed a complaint with the PIU against the policeman. Approximately one month later, the teenager, who was interrogated at the time of the detention, was summoned by the police and interrogated a second time at the Modi’in Police Station for three hours on Tuesday, February 2.
Zimra, the teenager’s mother, said that, “We returned from three hours of a nightmare – a long interrogation, they photographed my daughter, took her fingerprints. They attempted to pin all sorts of other charges on her. They said that she yelled ‘police force of murderers’ and that is ‘disturbing a policeman [in the line of duty]’. My daughter cried at the interrogation. The interrogator shouted at her, she tried to educate us, and she didn’t allow my daughter to say anything. The interrogator shouted at my daughter that she was ‘not OK,’ and that ‘you, the youths, are not OK,’ and denigrated us as a population.
“All the anger that the police have is revenge for her going to the PIU. My daughter was assaulted by a policeman. She complained to the PIU, and now the police are exacting revenge on her because the brutal detention by a policeman was captured on camera and publicized. The entire interrogation was insane questions: Had she been at other protests? What was she wearing? With whom did she come to the protest? And more. It was all – all of it – revenge for our going to the PIU.”
Honenu Attorney Adi Keidar, who is assisting the teenager, leveled criticism at the police: “This was another act of revenge by the Israeli Police. The incident which began with police brutality against a protester ended with revenge by the police, who summoned her to an additional interrogation, a harsh three-hour interrogation during which she was shouted at and cursed. This is the conduct of the Israeli Police and it must be censured”

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