Protest tent opposite Minister Ohana’s home

The Sandak family; Photo credit: Yehuda Yafin

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Tuesday, February 2, 2021, 18:49 On Tuesday, February 2, a protest tent was set up opposite the home of Internal Security Minister Amir Ohana in a demand that he order an investigative committee be founded to examine the death of Ahuvia Sandak, z”l. Ahuvia was killed in a police car chase with policemen from the Central Unit of the Yehuda and Shomron Police. Elishuv Har Shalom spent his seventh day of a hunger strike in the tent and other activists are expected to join him.
The Sandak family came to the tent on Tuesday evening. At the site, Ahuvia’s father said, “We, the Sandak family, are here at the hunger strike tent in Tel Aviv opposite the home of Minister Ohana. The Jewish nation is a nation that strives for justice and truth. This morning we heard about the incident [police operation] in Tamra [Arab city in the north of Israel] during which there were casualties. Immediately the Police Investigation Unit took the policemen in for interrogation to investigate the matter. After the incident in which our son was murdered it took three days [for the policemen involved to be interrogated]. It feels as if the truth is lacking, that there is a cover-up, and this is harmful to every Israeli citizen who wants a country full of truth, full of justice.”
Elishuv added that “After over 40 days during which an entire public has been raising an outcry every evening at intersections throughout the country, and our cries have fallen on deaf ears, I decided to come to the home of Minister [Ohana] and go on a hunger strike. This is my seventh day. Concern for the lives of others, those with payot or without, hareidim, settlers, Ethiopians, and any population whose voice is silenced here in the State [of Israel] did not allow me to rest. We want to raise children with love and happiness, with the knowledge that the dangers we face are from outside and not from home, not from within!
“Honorable Minister, can you assure me that an incident such as this will not happen again? How is it that 40 days have passed and Ahuvia’s parents have not received an official document regarding the death of their son? Would it not be appropriate for an apology to be given to the family? But no, there has been nothing. Sir, it is in your hands, honorable Minister, to form an external investigative committee. Whitewashing the death of Ahuvia is a breach of trust for which no amends are possible.”
The protest tent is in Tel Aviv on the corner of HaSolelim Street and Tuval Street.

Avraham Sandak speaking in the protest tent; Video credit: Yehuda Yafin

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