Police requested 7-day remand, court ruled 1 day

Thursday, December 15, 13:07 The Jerusalem Magistrate Court extended by one day the remand of five of the detainees detained at the administrative exiles’ apartment in Kiryat Moshe, Jerusalem yesterday.
The police requested a seven-day remand for the detainees, claiming that they threatened the policemen conducting the search in the apartment, however during the deliberation the police investigators suddenly claimed that the detainees are suspected of conspiring to carry out a “price tag” attack, but did not specify any incident.
The judge ruled that there is one investigatory procedure which necessitates extending the remand and if the procedure does not yield results, the five detainees will be released.
One of the arrestees is Eran Schwartz, an employee of Honenu who was arrested while visiting the apartment with his three-year old son. Schwartz was taken with his son to the police station where they stayed until the evening. At approximately six o’clock the police investigators informed Schwartz that he could bring his son back to their home in the Shomron and then return to the police station.
Sources close to Schwartz wondered how the police could claim that he is a danger to the public and liable to disrupt the investigation after they released him for several hours. “The fact that the police released him indicates that they have no evidence implicating him and that the arrest is for media coverage in order to please the public.”
Honenu attorney Naftali Wertzberger, who is representing the arrestees, said in response that, “The fact that the court rejected the request for a seven-day remand and was satisfied with extending the remand only until tomorrow is noteworthy. Nevertheless, the remand extension itself is problematic and completely baseless, as the court itself said, there is very little cause for concern.”

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