Response from close associates of detained administrative exiles

Friday, December 16 The court released two of the detained administrative exiles to house arrest and the remand of the other three was extended until Tuesday. The police had requested a 15-day extension on their remand.
Honenu attorney Naftali Wertzberger, who represented the detainees, responded, “The court backed, albeit partially, the persecution of right-wing activists, even when there was not one bit of evidence linking them to any illegal act and they were under a restraining order banning them from entering Yehuda and Shomron and other restrictions. The Attorney General’s office and political authorities are managing a scare campaign against the right-wing.”
Close associates of the detainees say that the police are turning them into scapegoats. There is no evidence implicating the suspects, but despite the fact that the police is aware of that, they are trying to implicate them in all of the unsolved cases from the past six months. At this rate the police will even accuse them of Arlozorov’s murder.
Arlozorov was a left-wing Zionist leader assassinated in Tel Aviv in 1933 . Right-wing activists were accused, one of whom, Ze’evi Rosenblatt, was acquitted due to lack of evidence shortly after the assassination, however Avraham Stavsky was acquitted posthumously approximately 50 years later. To this day the murder is unsolved and despite the lack of any evidence the left-wing still blames the right-wing…

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